TamilDhool: Watch Tamil Tv Serials and Tv Shows in HD

We have all grown up watching the Bollywood action movies, romantic masterpieces, and suspense thrillers. Didn’t we? Over the years, Indian cinema and TV industry has grown taking massive leaps and it’s followed like religion all over the world now. But have you ever noticed there is another Hindi cinema that’s seen massive growth over the years? Yes, when it comes to the regional Indian cinema and drama industry, there’s nothing that comes even close to the Tamil serials, shows and movies. We are always on the lookout for such resources where we could be able to watch some action from the Tamil industry and TamilDhool is certainly the best of the lot.

What Is TamilDhool?

Well, if you are not already aware, TamilDhool is your one stop resource where you could find you’re your favorite Tamil shows, TV soaps, and Tamil movies in a single place. Yes, if you are a fan of Tamil movies and cinema, you do not need to look around anymore and keep waiting for your favorite shows to air on the popular Tamil TV channels. You can find it all online at TamilDhool which has certainly seen massive growth over the years.

Yes, we live in a digital age and having such a worthy resource by your side is nothing less than a blessing. So, no waiting for hours and no looking around for the TV shows that you love. Get your addiction answered online with just one single resource that is there to cover it all for you. Whether you are from Tamil Nado or not and whether Tamil TV channels are aired in your part of the world or not, you can readily access all the Tamil content from just about anywhere in the world and can follow the popular Tamil TV Channels and their prized TV shows and serials. All you need is a stable and speedy internet connection and that’s it. You’ll be able to hold all-nighters with your friends and family, and have some unlimited fun watching your favorite Tamil content online.

What Tamil Dhool Brings You?

For all the Tamil TV and Cinema fans out there, Tamil Dhool brings you all the hot favorite Tamil content right on your computer screen. But what exactly is on offer at Tamil Dhool? Well, the resource provides you access to a variety of TV channels that are dedicated to airing Tamil shows and TV series. The popular programs that are aired on each of these TV channels are listed under each category. Here is the list of TV channels that you can enjoy watching at TamilDhool.

  1. 1: Sun TV Serials

Sun TV is a popular Indian Tamil cable & satellite TV channel that was launched back in 1993. The flagship TV channel of the Sun TV Network of Sun Group has been offering top quality Tamil content for years now. Founded by Kalanithi, the Sun Group launched the HD version of the TV channel on 11th of December 2011. According to BARC, Sun TV is the top TV channel, and the most viewed entertainment TV, in India.

Sun TV also has another alternative as Sun Life Channel which used to broadcast classic movies and songs. It has been repositioned as the 2nd GEC channel of the Sun network by October 7, 2018. The focus of the TV channel is now more on youth and urban contents.

The TV channel has a history of broadcasting some of the best rated Tamil serials and TV shows. Being the most watched Tamil TV channel around the world, it offers syndicated broadcasts across various countries including United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. The following continues to increase with time and the TV channel has never disappointed when it comes to the quality of content that it airs.

Some of the popular programs that are currently being aired on the TV channel include:

  • Rasaathi
  • Chithi 2
  • Pandavar Illam
  • Azaghu
  • Chandralekha
  • Nila
  • Tamil Selvi
  • Agni Natchathiram
  • Minnale
  • Magarasi
  • Roja
  • Kalyana Veedu
  • Nayagi
  • Kanmani
  • Chocolate

At Tamildhool, you can watch latest episodes of all these programs and enjoy your time while sitting back at your home. They bring you a whole lot of fun and entertainment and you’re surely going to love these programs. In fact, if you have already been following these, you can watch them at the time and place of your choosing. It’s definitely going to be one great experience.

  1. 2: Vijay TV Serials

Vijay TV, originally Star Vijay, is a popular Tamil pay television in India that’s been around since 1994. It is part of the Asianet Digital Network and was founded by N.P.V. Ramasamy Udayar. The programs that are aired on the Vijay TV have not been followed and loved in India only, but all over the world.

The TV channel has changed hands quite a few times before it was acquired partly by the Star Network back in 2001. It’s been the Star TV network ever since as they have acquired the channel completely now. Until 2016, Vijay TV was the only Tamil TV channel from the Star Network but afterwards they also launched Star Vijay Super.

The TV programs that are aired on Star Vijay are appealing to all sorts of audiences regardless of their demography or age groups. The TV channel has been well-accepted among the masses as a complete family entertainment channel that brings everything from game shows, reality shows, spiritual shows, comedy, cookery, musical shows, talk shows, films, events, and drama.

Some of the popular shows like Seedhaiyin Raaman, En Kanavan En Thozhan, Idhu Kadhala and Mahabharatham, are the Hindi productions that have been dubbed into Tamil language for airing on the Vijay TV.

Currently, the following TV programs go on air at the Vijay TV:

  • Sundari Neeyum Sundaran Naanum
  • Bommukutty Ammavukku
  • Ponnukku Thanga Manasu
  • Eeramana Rojave
  • Ayutha Ezhuthu
  • Anbudan Kushi
  • Naam Iruvar Namakku Iruvar
  • Pandiyan Stores
  • Mouna Ragam
  • Bharathi Kannamma
  • Aranmanai Kili
  • Adhey Kangal
  • Kaatrin Mozhi
  • Thaenmozhi B.A
  • Super Singer Junior 7
  • Adhisaya Piraviyum Arpudha Pennum
  • and Mrs. Chinnathirai (season 2)
  • Neeya Naana
  • kalakka povathu yaru (season 9)
  • Speed Get Set Go

So, if you have been following any of these TV programs, you can watch them any time at your own convenience by logging on to Tamil Dhool. Your favorite TV shows are just a few clicks away.

  1. 3: Zee Tamil Serials 

You must have known the Zee TV network for years. Yes, we have all grown up watching the wonderful TV programs on Zee TV. For the lovers of the Tamil industry in India and across the world, the Zee network introduced Zee Tamil with all its amazing programs being aired on the new TV channel and some new Tamil productions made available for the lovers of the Tamil cinema and TV industry.

The Zee Tamil TV channel airs some wonderful content covering areas like entertainment, lifestyle, and movies. With Tamil Dhool bringing you all the content in the regional language, you can expect all the prime time programs of the Zee Tamil TV channel to be featured on the website. Currently, the programs that you can follow here include:

  • Kandukonden Kandukonden
  • Raja Magal
  • Rettai Roja
  • Endrendrum Punagai
  • Poovey Poochudava
  • Priyadha Varam Vendum
  • Naachiyarpuram
  • Gokulathil Seethai
  • Neethanae Endhan Ponasantham
  • Yaaradi Nee Mohini
  • Oru Oorla Oru Rajakumari
  • Sembaruthi
  • Iniya Iru Malargal
  • Sathya

Besides, there are some reality and non-scripted TV shows as well that you can follow here at Tamildhool. These include:

  • Zee cine awards tamil 2020
  • Arputham Tharum Alayangal
  • Aanmeega Sindhanai
  • Petta Rap-Musical Game Show
  • Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Seniors (season 2)
  • Genes Season 3
  • Konjam Coffee Niraya Cinemaa (Season 2)
  • Teleshopping
  • Tamizha Tamizha
  • Dance Jodi Dance
  • Comedy Gangsters
  • Super mom (season 1,2)
  • Comedy Khiladis

All your favorite shows and TV programs are just a few clicks away now. Follow all the latest from Zee Tamil TV channel here at Tamil Dhool. Just subscribe to our notifications and you will get notified whenever a new program is uploaded.

  1. 4: Colors Tamil Serials

If you are not familiar with the Colors TV network, you are certainly not a great fan of Indian film and drama industry. But if you do, you certainly must be enjoying all the wonderful entertainment programs that are aired on the TV channel. Colors Tamil is also part of the Colors TV network and covers programming in the Tamil language for a wide fan base across the country.

Colors Tamil is the Indian pay TV channel that Viacom 18 launched in February 2018. The TV channel is not only aired in India but different other countries as well. And, it is equally popular in all parts of the world for all the wonderful programs that are aired on the TV channel. Primarily, the TV channel airs TV series in the Tamil language and besides their own productions they also provide Tamil dubbed versions of popular Hindi soap operas to the viewers. The graph of its popularity is continuously on the rise and the fan base has increased quite a lot over the years.

If you want to follow all the programs aired on the TV channel, here is what you can get at Tamil Dhool:

  • Aaha Kalyanam
  • Oviya
  • Idhayathai Thirudathay
  • Amman
  • Naagini 4
  • Uyire
  • Mangalya Dhosham
  • Thirumanam
  • Kodeeswari

Besides these popular TV programs, the TV channel also airs reality shows like Vanakkam Singapore. If you have been following it on Colors Tamil and missed some episode, you can watch it anytime here at TamilDhool. It’s just a few clicks away and you can catch all the entertainment whenever you like.

  1. Tamil TV

Though not as popular as other options listed above, Tamil TV is still a very sought after TV channel in India and in other parts of the world, particularly, because of the high-quality Tamil content that it airs. Wherever there are lovers of the Tamil serials and shows, you’ll find followers of Tamil TV who would want 24/7 access to the TV channel.

From comedy programs to soaps and serials, Tamil TV brings it all for the audiences far and wide. The programs are very popular among the masses and receive huge ratings for every single episode that goes on air. Some of the popular programs of Tamil TV that you can watch here at Tamildhool include:

  • Anbudan Gautami with Aishwarya Bhaskaran
  • Aara
  • Sirippoli Breakfree Comedy
  • Being Love – Failure
  • Cooking Gangsters
  • Kadhal Ondru Kanden
  • Piriyaadha Varam Vendum
  • Into The Wild
  • Pandavar Illam Aarthi’s Crime Thriller
  • Arranged Marriage Parithabangal
  • Manthiram oru Thanthiram – Magic Show By the Magician Dhaya

Most of these programs are short films or one-time TV shows but there is new content created and aired regularly. Tamil Dhool brings you everything within hours of it being aired. So, you can count on this resource for the best quality Tamil TV shows and entertainment content that will make your days sparkle with fun and happiness. Just log onto this online resource, figure out what Tamil programs from the Tamil TV are you interested in, and start watching them online without any hassles whatsoever.

  1. News & Gossips

Yes, there is no TV and film industry that is free of gossip and interesting news about the stake holders and the Tamil industry is no different. There are news stories covered every single day and there are scandals revealed every hour. There are so many popular TV programs aired on different TV channels sharing such gossip, news stories, and entertainment stuff that keeps you spell bound in front of your TV set for hours. So, if you want to stay alert about the news and gossip from the Tamil industry, you should rely on Tamil Dhool as it shares everything before you can find it anywhere else.

You’d love to stay updated with what your favorite stars are doing, if they are having love affairs, what projects they are working on and every single thing that they have to share with their fans. In fact, that’s not really hard these days at all. Once you start checking out tamildhool, you will automatically get to see such gossips. In fact, there is a dedicated section for news and gossips and you just need to check that out every day in order to see if there is something new of your interest. The updates keep coming in regularly every day and if you check it out, you’ll stay updated with the latest happenings in the industry.

The news stories also cover any new projects coming in from the Tamil film or drama industry as well. So, that means there is a lot of useful stuff to take as well. So, stay tuned to Tamil Dhool and keep following the Tamil Industry in India and, obviously, the activities of your favorite Tamil stars on a daily basis. You’ll surely love the experience.

TamilDhool: Watch Tamil Tv Serials and Tv Shows in HD

You might be wondering if you can only watch Tamil Dhool online or if there is some offline version like regular TV channels too. Well, there is nothing like offline here, unfortunately. However, you don’t really need that either when you can watch everything online. You just need to log on to tamildhool.net and everything will be available for you right there. If you have access to a smartphone, tablet, or PC and a stable internet connection, you will be able to follow all your favorite Tamil programs and TV shows online every day.

As mentioned earlier, Tamildhool is basically a platform that brings you all the Tamil content from across the Tamil industry into one single place. There are multiple TV channels listed here and you can browse through them to find your favorite TV programs to follow. It’s as simple as that!


Let’s have a look at some common queries that you may have in your mind and find out the answers you might be looking for.

  1. Is Tamil Dhool a TV Channel?

No, Tamil Dhool is not a TV channel. Rather, it is an online resource that brings content from different Tamil TV channels together into a single place for easy access for the viewers.

  1. How to watch Tamil Dhool?

You can watch Tamil Dhool online simply by browsing the website tamildhool.net on your computer, mobile, or tablet to access Tamil TV shows and programs that air on a variety of popular Tamil TV channels. All the content is available exclusively and you can watch it live with a stable internet connection.

  1. Do I have to pay anything to watch TamilDhool online?

No, you don’t have to pay anything as such to watch your favorite Tamil TV shows and content online. It’s all there for you, just browse your favorite shows and start watching now.

  1. How long does it take for new episodes to be updated?

It takes only a few hours for new episodes to be uploaded to the website. So, it’s not like you have to wait for days until you could be able to enjoy watching your favorite TV shows and serials online.

  1. Is there any limit to content that I can watch on Tamil Dhool?

No, there is absolutely no limit at all. The only limit, probably, for you is your time and the bandwidth you have available on your internet connection. Otherwise, you can watch as much content as you’d like. So, if you have been looking for some resource that brings you all the Tamil content from different TV channels and production houses, you don’t really need to look further than Tamil Dhool. It really is your one-stop resource where you can find all your favorite Tamil content including serials, soaps, TV shows, movies and what not. Keep following and have fun!